Graphic Designer - UX/UI Specialist

Rawai, Phuket
Work Type: Full Time


  • Be able to investigatuser experience design requirements for our suite of digital assets.
  • Developing and conceptualizing a comprehensive UI/UX design strategy for the brand.
  • Produce high-quality UX design solutions through wireframes, visual and graphic designs, flow diagrams, storyboards, site maps, and prototypes.
  • Designing UI elements and tools such as navigation menus, search boxes, tabs, and widgets for our digital assets.
  • Testing UI elements such as CTAs, banners, page layouts, page designs, page flows, and target links for landing pages.
  • Collaborating with the design, development, and marketing teams to ensure the creation and delivery of tailored experiences for the digital user.
  • Providing advice and guidance on the implementation of UX research methodologies and testing activities in order to analyze and predict user behavior.
  • Adhering to style standards on typography and graphic design.
  • Performing various other graphic design duties.
  • Translate and develop pixel-perfect designs to be displayed in different screen resolutions.
  • Develop newsletters, email signatureslanding pages, HTML banners, and all components needed within these formats such as: sliders, forms, hero sections, footers, etc. 

Required Professional skills: 

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe XD / Figma / Sketch
  • Html / Css / JavaScript languages (not required but highly valuable)
  • GitHub / Netlify / GitBucket (not required but highly valuable)
  • Sublime / Visual Studio Code (not required but highly valuable)
  • React / Bootstrap (not required but highly valuable)
  • AdForm (not required but highly valuable)
  • Microsoft Office 

Required Soft skills: 

  • Communication: Empathic, Respectful, Constructive feedback, Active listener, Friendly
  • Teamwork: Collaborative, Idea exchange
  • Adaptability: Self-management, Open-minded, Organized
  • Problem Solving: Initiative, Brainstorming, Analytic, Observative, Decision Maker
  • Creativity: Imaginative, Innovative, Divert Thinking
  • Work ethic: Responsible, Self-motivated 


  • Proficiency in English (Business Level)
  • 2+ years of professional work experience.
  • Ability to take extreme ownership over your work.
  • Ability to identify and work towards the ReverseAds’ goals by dedicating yourself to delivering work within deadlines previously stipulated.
  • Ability to work through new and difficult design issues and contribute to teammates when is needed.
  • A positive mindset and can-do attitude.
  • Forensic attention to detail.
  • Ability to deliver work on time, respecting tasks deadlines. 

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